Date: 8th May 2016
10 L Glass Liquid Separator
If you are looking for chemical,Website:, biology, pharmaceutical, and food 10 l glass liquid separator from China 10 l glass liquid separator, separation of liquids manufacturers, suppliers and facoty, or checking 10 l glass liquid separator customization and desing with professional supplier in China, please feel free to contact Toption Instrument.Glass liquid separator / ExtractorDescription of glass liquid separator/ extractor:Liquid separator is developed base on the present glass reactor for meeting the real needs of the majority of biopharmaceutical development companies. Liquid Separator of Toption is mainly used for liquid-liquid, or liquid-solid extractor, also for reaction experiments under environment temperature. Toption liquid separator is popular in CAS experts and professors, drug discovery users since its cost-effective price and brilliant performance.Main features of Toption liquid separator:1. Whole set of glass body is made of GG17 high boron silicon glass, with excellent chemical and physical performance.2. Frequency Control, AC induction motors. Constant speed, no brush, no sparks, security and stability, can work continuously.3. Special PTFE stirring plug with sound techniques and high corrosion-resistant value.?4. About the discharging part, we use special designed PTFE valve matched with glass flange opening. There is no dead corner in the container, and it is convenient to outlet the reaction material.5. Perfect sealing function for the whole set equipment, stationary state the following vacuum can be up 0.095MPa6. The whole structure is scientific,, visualization features prominent, practical noveltyTechnical parameters?Basic?informationModelTOPTF-10LTOPTF-20LTOPTF-30LTOPTF-50LReaction?bottle(L)10203050openings3333Stirring?power(W)120120250250Rotation?speed(rpm)40-72040-72040-72040-720Stirring?shaft?dia(mm)?10?10?12?12Voltage(V)220220220220Function?and?Configurationfrequency?control?????Vaccum?sealing????Down?discharging?opening????PTFE?stirring?rod????Lifting?waymanualmanualmanualmanualSize?(cm)45x55x12045x55x12055x65x15055x65x170Pls note: ? means standard configuration? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?means optional confirgurationWe can produce liquid separator with different volume, about the detailed requests, pls contact us freely.
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