Date: 8th May 2016
Magnetic Stirrer High Pressure Reactor
If you are looking for chemical,Website:, biology, pharmaceutical, and food magnetic stirrer high pressure reactor from China magnetic stirrer high pressure reactor, stirred reactor, high pressure reactor, stirred high pressure reaction vessels manufacturers, suppliers and facoty, or checking magnetic stirrer high pressure reactor customization and desing with professional supplier in China, please feel free to contact Toption Instrument.magnetic stirrer high pressure reactor china ? ?Description of magnetic stirrer high pressure reactor china :High pressure reactor, also known as polymerization reactors, digestion tanks, high pressure digestion tank, pressure vessel, reactor, pressure container bombs, digestion tanks, hydrothermal synthesis reactor, experiment reflects the kettle.Features magnetic stirrer high pressure reactor china :1. Reasonable structure, non-spill of hazardous substances, pollution reduction, safety guarantee.2. Samples indissolvable under normal conditions and samples containing volatile elements can dissolve quickly in Hydrothermal synthesis reactor without loss.3. Easy operation and reliable data.4. Stainless still shell, good corrosion resistance.?5.Beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, easy operation and shorten the analysis time, reliable data.6.Can replace the platinum crucible to solve the analysis of trace elements in high purity alumina dissolving deal with problems.Specifications magnetic stirrer high pressure reactor china:Mini?high-pressure?reactor?with?magnetic?stir,But?the?temperature?can?only?reach?to?200?CTOPT?MC0.025/101.Volume:25ml????2.Design?pressure:?<10MPa3.RT--200?C,with?magnetic?stir????????4.Material:stainless?steel?SS304TOPT-MC0.05/101.Volume:50ml??????2.Design?pressure:?<10MPa3.RT--200?C,with?magnetic?stir????????4.Material:stainless?SS304TOPT-MC0.1/101.Volume:100ml??????2.Design?pressure:?<10MPa3.RT--200?C,with?magnetic?stir????????4.Material:stainless?SS304TOPT-MC0.2/101.Volume:200ml??????2.Design?pressure:?<10MPa3.RT--200?C,with?magnetic?stir???????4.Material:stainless?steel?SS304About ToptionTOPTION IntroductionToption service
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