Date: 8th May 2016
Mini High Pressure Reactor
If you are looking for chemical,Website:, biology, pharmaceutical, and food mini high pressure reactor from China mini high pressure reactor, high pressure reaction vessel, high pressure reaction kettle, high pressure reactor design manufacturers, suppliers and facoty, or checking mini high pressure reactor customization and desing with professional supplier in China, please feel free to contact Toption Instrument.Mini High Pressure ?ReactorTheory and Application of ?Mini High Pressure ?Reactor?1. Make cumbersome experimental simple, it can be realized in one operation with different environments or with different environment temperature/ pressure diversified series of different experiments.2. Through the RS232 communication interface a computer connected to print and show the historical value and the actual curve according to user?s needs, the whole system can be monitored real time by softwareFeatures of Mini High Pressure ?Reactor 1000ml :catalysis, high temperature and pressure synthesis, dynamics testing, Fischer- Tropsch, and hydrogenation reaction. Mainly used in the fields of biochemical, chemical material, environmental protection new material reaction etc1.Material: high quality pure titanium or hastelloy alloy2.Heating: Heating plate to heat directly, a suitable temperature sensor fitted to measure internal temperature, temperature control accurate, simple and convenient to operate3. Pressure gauge, digital pressure indicator in Mpa, pressure safety valve will release gas from vent valve when pressure is higher than safety pressure4. Valve pipe fittings are original German imports with standard connectors.5. Digital display stir speed and temperature on the heating plate6.Use patented plug-in stylus K-sensor, standard mixing devices, titanium reactor body, and electric fiber furnace; insert the K-type sensors.7.Insert temperature, pressure, PH value, conductivity sensors, to ensure accurate measurement of relevant data.Technical parameters of Mini High Pressure ?Reactor 1000ml :??????Small-?high-pressure?reactor?(the?Lid?can?rise?,the?reactor?can?turn,without?bottom?discharge)??????TOPT-KCFD025-101.?Volume:0.25L?????2.?Design?pressure:?<10MPa3.?Temp:RT--300?C;?4.??Materials:SS304;??5.?Agitation?type:with?Mechanical?agitationTOPT-KCFD03-101.?Volume:0.3L?2.?Design?pressure:?<10MPa3.Temp:?RT--300?C;?4.Materials:SS304;??5.Agitation?type:with?Mechanical?agitationTOPT-KCFD05-101.?Volume:0.5L?????2.?Design?pressure:?<10MPa3.?Temp:RT--300?C;?4.?Materials:SS304;??5.?Agitation?type:with?Mechanical?agitationTOPT-KCFD1-101.?Volume:?1L?????2.?Design?pressure:?<10MPa3.?Temp:RT--300?C;?4.?Materials:SS304;??5.?Agitation?type:with?Mechanical?agitationTOPT-KCFD2-101.?Volume:?2L?????2.?Design?pressure:?<10MPa3.?Temp:RT--300?C;?4.?Materials:SS304;??5.?Agitation?type:with?Mechanical?agitationTOPT-KCFD5-101.?Volume:?5L?????2.?Design?pressure:?<10MPa3.?Temp:RT--300?C;?4.?Materials:SS304;??5.?Agitation?type:with?Mechanical?agitationAbout ToptionTOPTION IntroductionToption service
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